Welcome to Gautham's World in MIT

Welcome to Gautham's World in MIT

Thursday, March 25, 2010

9. Anamika and the Crazy Night Train

 2000hrs 22.07.2009,
Kaniyakumari Express from Trinelveli to Chennai Egmore
Our cousin’s (I was cousin to Anamika and we had common cousins) wedding just got over and we were returning to Trichy by train from Trinelveli. Aunt, she and I were travelling in the same train but I was in different compartment than theirs. My parent s were already at home as they left early by car to Trichy. They were going to stay at our house for a day and then they were planning to come to Chennai as well. I was actually carrying my certificates to submit at Anna University for my counselling in tomorrow.
I came to their compartment at about 8pm and sat with them. Anamika and I were not together anymore but we had some strange relationship between us. It was living as if nothing happened between us. We still smiled at each other, talked to each other like best friends and made fun of each other, yet there was nothing between us and we never had actually in love.
“Hi….” I said as I came to them and took an empty seat near them.
“Hi Gautham…..” they said together.
“At last we’re all going home” I said after a long pause.
“Yeah….we’re going home but you’re going to the counselling tomorrow remember” she said and giggled.
“Oh yeah…..”I said, “I have a long day tomorrow”
“Hey where’s your laptop?” she asked.
“It’s at my place” I replied.
“Let’s go get it….I wanna see the wedding pics that you took. And beside we’re both vetti sitting here” she said and smiled at me. I was flattered by her smile. “I’ll come with you” she added.
We both went to my compartment and opened the laptop and powered it on. I opened the pictures we took at the wedding. We scrolled the pictures one by one. I was sitting so close to her and I felt the warm breaths from her lungs. It was an air-conditioned compartment and her warmth was really making me want to hug her and squeeze the breath out of her.
“I like the way you have taken this photo” she said showing me the picture.
She was in a pink coloured Patiala.
“Your outfit looks good” I said
“Only the outfit or me too?” she asked with a serious tone in her voice.
I didn’t expect such a question and I was taken aback and said, “Well….the Patiala looks good because you’re wearing it”
She smiled and she knew I was trying to flirt with her.
There was long gap. She was still having a smile on her lips. The other mates in the cabin went off to sleep and we went to my berth on top. We sat there sitting close to each other and staring into the happy moments of our cousin’s wedding pictures.
 “What relation do you have me as now?” she asked breaking the silence.
I replied, “I guess we’re just cousins….” and added in a silent tone, “for now….”
I don’t know whether she heard that last word or not but she didn’t care for it.
“Will you be cousins forever?” She asked immediately.
“Yeah I’ll be your cousin forever” I said. (Even if we were in love or get married, we’re cousins by blood and that was not going to change anyway!!!).
“That’s your mind talking…..What does your heart says?” she said carefully framing her sentence.
I gave a long gap and replied, “My heart feels that I will have you as my love if you are destined to be mine and I’ll be happy and blessed for that”
She was looking into the laptop and didn’t make eye contact and then after a few moments she said, “Good….but you’ll find someone really better than me.”
“Why???” I asked I confusion.
“We don’t really suit each other. We fight with each other all the time” she said. It was the first time she used the words ‘we’ after a long time.
I apologised to her, “I shouldn’t have raised my hand that day and I feel really sorry for it. I am responsible for what I did and I really want you in my life again”
“It’s not possible again” she said blankly.
“It was possible two years back and I know it is possible once again” I said.
“It’s not going to be good if we get married” she said again with no expression.
“What do you mean and please tell me what’s bothering you….please….” I said.
She turned to me and our eyes met.
“If we get married then our children may have problems relating to genes and stuff” she said.
I went blank for a second. I didn’t know what else to say. I didn’t expect such a reason.
“Who said so???” I demanded in a louder tone yet it was quiet.
“I had read it on the internet some time ago and I don’t want anything to happen to our children. It’ll be a burden for both of us. I want us to be happy but we can’t if we are together” she said. When she said ‘us’, deep down in my heart I knew she loved me and I loved her even more.
I carefully composed my words and replied, “Look Anamika…I want to be with you and I’ll take good care of you. If you’re thinking about our children then know that I love our children and it doesn’t matter to me if they are born imperfect. I love them for they are a symbol of the bond between us”. I was aware that it was not the right time to use the ‘L’ word.
“We can’t be together happily. If the child born for us has imperfections then I don’t want us to rethink at that moment why we had married after we knew all the risks” she said.
“It’s not about taking risks Anamika. I won’t think that way….It’s my child and I’ll take care of it the same way I’ll take care of you” I replied in a haste manner.
Her eyes were moist but she was clever and she hid them and said, “We fight almost all the time and it’s really impossible to live together. I admit I loved you but things are not working out fine”
“You are really special to me”, I said in an undertone.
“I can’t accept you back Gautham. I’m sorry to say it but it’s not possible anymore” she said and turned to the screen again.
“Anamika I don’t want your answer now. Tell me the same answer after five years when I ask for your hand in marriage”, I said.
“Please no Gautham….” she said.
“After all the things that happened between us in these years….” I stopped talking hoping that she’d get my point about what I was talking about.
“Yeah….but nothing serious happened….” She said in a very low voice. I really had no idea what she meant by serious. Actually I don’t know what girls think is serious.
Is holding hands and walking not serious enough? Naaa….anyone can do that.
Is kissing not serious enough? Naaa….It’s so common even in school these days.
At least is having sex not so serious enough? Nope….wrong again….there are so many contraceptive methods today that it’s a piece of cake for anyone. (I’m sure all you dirty minds are googling all possible methods in your head right now!!!)
All these thoughts went through my mind that moment. I felt like asking her all this but I wanted to maintain a low profile with her and it really mattered because I loved her.
“It may not have been serious for you but it is for me.” I said with a weak smile. Before she could tell anything else I said, “I will come back for you after five years”. I left the compartment immediately not looking back at her response.
I went to my berth and slept. They were getting down at Tiruchirapalli junction and I volunteered to help get the luggage down from their compartment.
0100hrs 23.07.2009, Tiruchirapalli
The train stopped at Tiruchirapalli Junction and I went over to their compartment to help my aunt and Anamika get their luggage off the train. Dad had arrived at the station to receive aunt and Anamika. It was 1a.m. in the morning and I was half asleep.
“Take care and all the best with your counselling tomorrow” aunt said giving me a firm handshake.
Anamika joined in and said, “I hope you get in a good college tomorrow. Tell me as soon as you get your admission letter”. She said and gave a smile. I felt happy for it.
“Bye….see you soon” I said. The train signals went green near the engine and so I started walking towards my coach.
I reached my coach door. It was shut. I tried to open it and to my shock it was locked.
Like I told you in the beginning of this blog, “Fate always plays pranks with you when you are really in need of luck”.
To my damn luck the train started moving. This is the moment I realised the true power of adrenaline.
Wikipedia defines Adrenaline as:
“A hormone when produced in the body, increases heart rate contracts blood vessels and dilates air passages and participates in the "fight or flight" response of the sympathetic nervous system.” It was something like an emergency response system.
True to the fact my mind started racing and searched for alternatives and I quickly ran to the other entrance of the coach. It was locked as well. That meant only one thing….’I am terribly screwed up!!!!’
“F*%k!!!” I shouted on seeing the other door locked as well. By now I was awake like never before and maybe my blood was filled with more adreline than blood itself. Thousands of thoughts raced my mind in an instance. The significant thoughts that came up were:
  • I was carrying all my certificates with me. Dad will definitely kill me for losing it (like all other dads of course).
  • I was carrying my personal laptop and losing it carelessly meant I’ll be given immediate death sentence by Justice DAD!!! (Definitely like all other dads!!!)
One great thought crossed me in those milliseconds. A voice in my mind started screaming, ”Go to the door from which Aunt and Anamika just got down!!!”. It was a practical solution. But it was impossible since the train has already started moving and it was two coaches away.
“It’s your life in the train you bloody ass h*!e!!!” the voice in my head shouted.
I ran in full speed to get inside that door.
Sometimes you think that some things are not worth doing in your life. But they all have hidden fruits of glory. That’s what I thought when my friends joined me into a badminton club. It was a boring sport I had thought but I played it since my friends really suggested it and dad was a college player himself. Badminton increases one’s stamina by 150%. Trust me in this because that’s how I ran at thirty kilometres per hour accelerating from zero to thirty in less than a second.
I ran past aunt, dad and Anamika. They all watched me in horror, only thing they didn’t was scream. I over sped the train and reached the door.
I saw the open door. It was well in sight. I grasped the handled and I pulled myself in. I stood near the door and watched my face in the wash basin mirror. I felt pity for myself. I was panting for breath when my phone started ringing.
It was Anamika.
“Hello….” I said still panting for breath.
“Are you okay??? Mom’s so worried here about you here.” She said.
“I’m sorry….” I said holding my breath for a second.
“Never do that again!!!” She screamed similar to the voice in my head. “And listen….get to your coach at Srirangam station. The train will stop there for a minute”
“Yeah okay….Thanks” I said puffing out air still in the state of shock from the fastest run in my life.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

8. The Diwali Train Ride

It was Diwali time and everyone were busy booking tickets to go home for the seasonal festival.
Wikipedia defines Diwali as:
Diwali is a significant 5-day festival in Hinduism, Sikhism, and Jainism occurring between mid October and mid November. It is also popularly known as the Festival of Lights.”
Of course it was one of the greatest festivals in India. The fireworks and the deepams are the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the festival (and forgot to mention the 90% off sales at various shops!!!). It was time for everyone to take rest and be at home with family. It was in short a mini vacation.
My train was booked on Thursday the 12th of November. The train was in the evening and I had booked the berth in second class air conditioned. I went to the railway station at about five in the evening (late as usual). I was walking on the platform no.8 going towards the spot the AC compartments would come. The station was very crowded with people who wanted to go to their native places to celebrate this grand festival with relatives and loved ones. I was walking towards my spot and two girls crossed me and went past me. One of the girls’ faces looked familiar and I could tell that she could have been from MIT. Both the girls saw me and I could tell that they had the same MIT feel that I had when I saw them.
The train came immediately as it usually does in the movies and I boarded the train. The new coach was awesome but there was no colour in my cabin. There were only family people all around me and I felt really uneasy. I started to message my friends to pass off my time but things got no better. I left the compartment and stood near the entrance of the coach. I decided to call Selvin and talk to him since I was really bored.
“Hi there man….” I started as he picked up the phone.
“Hi man….waz up?” I heard his voice on the other side.
“Jus called up coz I was feelin kinda bored wit all these family people around me” I said feeling really sick to admit my situation.
“Oh….thatz sick….no cool guys or girls in your compartment???” he asked.
“No buddy….everything’s so boring here” I exclaimed.
He consoled my state of boredom and entertained me with some ‘neck strangling’ jokes (mokka in Tamil). Anyway I felt I’d laugh at anything after being so bored. We were chatting for some time and someone interrupted the conversation.
“Excuse me….”
“You’re excused….” I said in a usual way that I always used to do with friends and turned back.
It was that girl who I saw at the railway station. I stood there stunned.
“I need to get into the compartment and you’re blocking my way” she said with an awful look on her face for my previous reply. I didn’t speak a word and she simply kind of pushed me aside with her stare and went inside.
“Hello……hello…..you there man???” Selvin was shouting on the phone. I wanted to talk with her but I didn’t have the guts to pull this one. Besides I was not in campus. If something goes wrong then I’m all alone and I’ll definitely be screwed up.
“Hello….” I said on the phone to Selvin.
“What happened there!!!?  Where were you?” he asked.
“It’s the MIT girl who I saw at the station….She’s in the same train” I exclaimed.
“Oh great go talk with her….” He said over the phone.
I wanted to talk but I felt I didn’t want to talk and get into anything again after Anamika. I loved her a lot but I felt that I might never hold hands again with Anamika.
“Some other time maybe….I’ll call you tomorrow buddy. Goodnight” I said and hung up.
Girl on a train….it was something already something I had been through in the past.
My mind didn’t sleep that night. I was pondering over my train ride with Anamika….the crazy night train journey with her.

Monday, March 1, 2010

7. Sivaranjini – The Mehendi Competition

It was time for Sivaranjini.
Sivaranjini was an intra college event that brought together talents from various fields. It was an event for us students to find out our hidden talents and expose them. (But I never participated in any though….!!). There were competitions like poetry, speech, drawing and stuff but I was interested in something else….well I was interested in Kolam drawing and Mehandi competitions!!!
Hangar 1
I, Indran and Vikram were sitting bored in the hangar thinking about how to pass off time and suddenly I got the interest to participate in one of the events. I knew I was artistic and so there was a mild chance that I could beat all the participating girls!!
“Shall we go try it out?” I asked Indran.
“Try what???” asked Indran and Vikram in unison.
“That competition over there….” I pointed out.
Indran beamed over at the place where I pointed out. Girls were sitting and just getting started on their Mehandi.
Indran glared back giving a disgusting look at me. I smiled biting my lips not to get ashamed and mock him. Vikram on the other hand was busy looking into his iPhone.
“Why the hell do you wanna go for that competition when there are so many ‘guy’ stuffs out there?” Vikram demanded still looking into his geeky gadget.
“That’s where you are in the lime light without any other guys in between you and the girls” I said and winked at Indran. Add the word ‘girl’ to the word ‘shit’ and Indran will eat loads of it just for ‘girl’ and not caring for the ‘shit’.
Just as expecting a cracker to burst Indran held up his eyebrows and added, “Girls!!! Oh that’s cool!!! I’m in for it man!!! But how will you participate??? What if they don’t let us participate and give us a nose cut??”
“Why does that bother you?”
“Because that girl in charge of the event looks pretty” Indran said. Vikram gave a loud yawn to mock Indran.
I saw where Indran’s sight was and looked at the girl he was talking about. She was short and fair and was wearing a black sari….not beautiful to be exact but was pretty. She was rather having extra fat around her cheeks but she looked kind of ‘headweight’.
I replied back, “Whatever she says I got answers ready” I said and smiled at him.
“Okay then let’s go for it” Indran said.
We three (actually it was just me and Indran who got up to talk, Vikram joined us to kill his boredom) got up and approached the girl. I started the conversation.
“Excuse me….I’m Gautham and these are my friends Indran and Vikram, we would like to register our names to participate in the mehandi competition.”
The girl gave a disgusting look which was thousand multiples of the one that Indran gave me a few minutes back.
“This competition is only for girls”, She said slowly but stressing the word ‘ONLY’.
“It wasn’t mentioned of such in the notice boards or the hoardings” I demanded folding my hands.
“Well it is unofficially a girl’s event” she declared herself.
 “There’s no boys ONLY event” I said in a similar tone like her.
Indran knew I was having fun teasing the girl and watched me continue mocking her. Vikram was with us but was busy with his iPhone but listening to the conversation between me and miss ‘cheesy cheeks’ (the word ‘cheesy cheeks’ may be taken either as a compliment or a comic comment, but I personally feel that the latter should suit her better).
“That’s not my problem and I can’t let you can’t participate in this event” she said showing triumph in her and paused, “Anyway which year are you and which department are you from???”
“I wanna meet the damn organizer of this festival” Vik suddenly demanded talking like he owned at least half of the college property (college property excludes the girl!!!).
I said to miss ‘cheesy cheeks’, “we’re 1year….”
And she interrupted and said, “I knew it you were first years and don’t you have any manners to talk to a senior huh?”
I got shocked and Vik was furious. Indran was controlling his laughter.
Vik asked her, “Which year and department are you?”
“Final year RPT” she replied and gave a bold look, “Why does that bother you?”
I said, “Well we said we are first years but you didn’t let me finish that we’re first year M.E and you’re junior to us”
Her jaws dropped and she felt really uneasy. It was the perfect time to flirt!!! Once the enemy defences are all destroyed, it is easy to send in the cavalry and proceed with the attack….!!!
Before I opened my mouth to start she said, “I’m sorry senior….I really am. I didn’t know you were M.Es and you guys were looking too young to be M.Es….”
That’s what’s called an ‘unexpected attack’. You go to the enemy with swords and shields and they fight with roses. She flattered us by calling us young.
But I didn’t wanna give up on the main issue….the mehandi competition!!!
“So are you gonna register our names or not then?” I demanded showing our triumph in the talks that just took place.
“Well….I….still think you can’t participate” she said with an invisible exclamatory mark on her lips.
What!!! All the talking that just took place was of no use I thought.
I went near her and said softly to her looking into her eyes, “are you girls scared that we might win the competition?” and smiled at her.
I could see her smile on her lips and she replied, “No but I personally feel that I don’t want to see you lose”
Indran’s eyes popped out and his jaws were wide open (Vik closed his jaws still looking into his iPhone).
She smiled and left.
I saw Indran’s eyes and my eyes did the talking to him
They probably said, “CORRECTED MACHI!!!!”

Thursday, February 25, 2010

6. Anamika

0030hrs 06.01.2008, Tiruchirapalli
Anamika was lying on the bed besides her dad in the main bedroom of our house. I was lying on the floor on a mattress just besides her. We were text messaging each other all day and still messaging late night. We were less than a meter away yet text messaging each other. She had said she loved a cousin in the family but didn’t tell who it was. I kept asking her about it and she refused to budge and tell who it was.
I finally said,” If you don’t trust me then don’t talk with me”.
She replied,” That’s what I’m trying to do….you are my love and I love you with all my blood and soul.”
That sent shockwaves into my body and I was like in a trance. I saw her in the dimly moon light lit room. I saw her eyes and her love was genuine. I asked her to tell it in directly to me….eye to eye now. I wanted to hear how sweet those three words were in her sweet voice.
I leaned towards her in the darkness not to wake up her dad or others in the room. She came close to me….so close that her fragrance hypnotised me and then she said those three words….
I held her by her cheeks and looked into her eyes and said, “I love you too dear….”
We both kissed for the first time and love was in the air. The moonlight dimly lighting the room, her sparkling eyes in the romantic moonlight and her rosy lips made it the perfect first kiss.
It was the perfect love that I was waiting for and I loved her more than just a cousin. She was now a part of my soul and she meant the world to me.
0600hrs 06.01.2008, Tiruchirapalli
Anamika woke me up. She and her family were leaving to Nagercoil by the 7a.m. train.
She was packing her things with her parents. I went to her and helped her pack her camera and backpack with snacks. I was standing so close to her and I whispered to her, “Tell me that whatever happened last night is not a dream.”
She smiled back and said, “No, it wasn’t a dream sweetheart”.
I looked into her eyes and said, “Won’t you tell me that once again?”
She looked back with her left eyebrow raised and asked, “Tell you what?? Oh yes….I’m leaving so goodbye”. She said it and giggled to herself.
I showed mild anger in my smile and said, “Not that idiot….I meant those three words….those special three words you said last night. I want to hear them again”.
She looked at me and gazed down for a moment and said, “You like to hear it from me again and again don’t you?
“Of course I do sweetie….” I said.
She smiled back and she said, “I think four words are better than three….”
I was confused with what she had meant by FOUR words….!!!
I asked, “What do you mean by four words???”
She smiled and asked me, “Will you marry me….?”
I must’ve really lost my senses that moment….but without wasting a second I replied, “I love you so much that I’ll be with you and live for you, for the rest of my life”
We both wanted to kiss each other at that instant as we were both high with love. But we had to control ourselves in front of our parents.
She bid me goodbye and left.
Our love went along well. I tried to meet her at Nagercoil whenever I got holidays. Like I was her child she used to feed dosas and idlys with her own hands. It was fed with so much love and affection that the food couldn’t be much tastier than that.
We went for movies every time I stayed in Nagercoil. We watched movies like Jillunu Oru Kadhal, Mozhi, Unnalae Unnalae and Shivaji. We held hands while we were sitting in the gallery and it was like we were watching the movie as a single person. I never knew that a person could love me as much as she loved me. Whenever I used to leave from Nagercoil after my stay she used to buy me Britannia Little Hearts biscuits and give it to me. I was really blessed to have her as my love.

5. The Past Calling

I had a girl who was all mine and mine only….she was the sweetest soul that really cared for me. Text messages, flash messages, phone calls, emails and she’d even come to my home whenever she could to have a chat and look into my eyes….Her name is Anamika. She is my cousin….
She had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. The way she talks with me gave me a feeling that I was already in heaven. Her voice was so sweet that I used to record our conversation and listen to it now and then. She was really so caring and when she tosses her bushy hair from one shoulder to another, the fragrance breezes over me and my mind goes mad and I fall in love with her yet again and again….
She lived in Nagercoil down south of Tamilnadu and I used to go to her home and stay with her family for a few days and get along with her. Though it was a long journey, I didn’t mind it at all because I loved her so much and I was ready to cross anything just to see her beautiful eyes. We shared a lot over the days of my stay and we made sure we never wasted a single second without each other. Every night she used to come and kiss me goodnight and that was all I needed not to sleep that night!!!
I often told her that I loved her so much that I wanna be the only person to stand so close to her and see myself in her eyes…..(don’t say the same to your loved one else I’ll sue you for copyright!!! That’s only for me and Anamika….)
We fell in love when I was in UG college third year. She came with the proposal and I instantly fell for her blindly (Love is after all blind!!!). Our relationship was running smooth but after about eight months things started getting terrible and one night I scolded her so badly that she broke up me. I realised the blunder I had made and tried to get back with her but all in vain.
We were in contact with each other but she never trusted me much ever again….
All alone now….no hands to hold, no kisses, no more warm hugs, no goodnight messages from her, no emails, no phone calls, no more love tours between Chennai and Nagercoil and no more love….
Moral of the story: Never think you are in control of the relationship….you never are!!! And you actually never were!!!  She always is!!!

4. Canteen

The canteen….a place where one could buy food and drinks and can eat, munch, crunch, sip and drink….sounds familiar? Yeah right, of course it should coz all you guys have been through this canteen culture. The canteen is the best place to hang out in college with buddies….But as for me there was no such thing as a canteen in my god damn UG College. And girls and guys were not allowed to eat together either.
And so for me the canteen was a nice place to hang out and it was really splendid to see guys and girls sharing space in the small yet comfortable area….in short it was paradise for me. It looked as if girls were really given equal freedom as guys. The place was good in its own way and I liked the atmosphere instantly.
I loved the juices which were in plenty of varieties daily. I also loved seeing girls in fancy outfits in the canteen and it was really awesome to be there, floating in all the joy and happiness of every soul in the canteen. I simply loved the canteen.
On one corner of the canteen I noticed a guy and girl sitting and having a drink. They were possibly in love and they were holding hands and looking into each other’s eyes and talking (I wasn’t sure if they were talking with their lips or their eyes…!!!). The sight made me happy and sad at the same time. Happy that they were showing their love not caring about the world around them and sad that it reminded me of my own past….a very painful thing to be remembered.

3. First Day

I joined MIT on Saturday the 26th of September 2009….and here’s how my day went….
OMG!!!! It’s my first day and guess what!!!!
I’m terribly late for the class….!!!!
You know that fate always plays pranks with you when you are really in need of luck….that’s what exactly happened in my case….
I woke up late by half and hour, didn’t iron my shirt properly, missed the bus, boarded the wrong train (a fast train which doesn’t stop at Chrompet) so wasted another thirty minutes, the campus didn’t allow me since I didn’t have my ID card yet and had to fight with him and use Indian techniques such as asking him, “Do you know what will happen if the Dean knows about this?” and finally I arrived at the class. I entered the class and a lecture was in progress….the lecturer saw me and saw my admission allotment order and shoved his arms symbolising me to go and take a seat. I went to the last seat and sat down near a lady. She was in her thirties. Her ID card said ‘Dr. Jayakumari’….
I guess by the time I reached the class was over and the professor had finished his lecture and so everyone was silently talking with one another. The sir’s name was Elamaran. He looked thin and fair and was probably in his 50s. There was no ringing of bells like it was in the UG courses and sir just left the classroom and everyone else got up to leave too.
I went across the classroom to get introduced to my mates.
And hence my intro began and everyone else introduced themselves too. It was my first day and it was a bit tough to remember all their names at once. I got my name added into the attendance registers and exchanged phone numbers with my mates. It was really a tiring yet adventurous day.
The rest of the day was spent with my touring of the college and the department (our classroom, the lab and the toilet….). I was asked to give an intro to the classmates and I gave one.  The most peculiar characters that I met in my ‘new’ class were Jay, Ram, Indran, Balu, Selvin, Pankaj and Vikram.
I knew Pankaj before I joined college because he was my classmate in primary school. Jay was a sturdy built guy who really looked bossy at first sight but turned out to be really soft. Now Ram….well he has all the looks that a bookworm would have!!! He wore a microscope for spectacles and I immediately knew that he was a bookworm. Other guys in the class told me that he was nicknamed ‘Search Engine’….All historical dates, royal descendants of a royal family, all the possible places on Earth and their historical importance…..in short there wasn’t anything that he didn’t know about. Indran was a crazy guy who was so similar to me in attitude. He never cared about anything that others said. Balu was Indran’s best friend and they both hanged out together most of the time. Selvin was a thin and tall and thin built guy who wore a spectacle and was the laughing stock of the gang. Vikram was an NRI who didn’t care for anything in college (though was not spoilt!!!). He was slim built and fair and had the guts and toughness to deal with any problem. He was a bit self centred but loved his friends like his family. His dad was a renowned engineer in Finland and many big hands in college were close to his dad and there was practically nothing that anyone in college could do to him. That’s all for now about friends and it’s time to move on to the story….

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2. Prolouge

I am Gautham.
I did my B.E Electronics and Communication Engineering in Jack’s Engineering College in Chennai….that college really sucked….and so did other Vettiaar colleges such as Paythiyawama University, Jebamalar Engineering College and Vettiaar Engineering College. And the owner of these colleges was a rich nutcase and recently I heard he’s got a Doctorate….phew….the state of our country is such that men with power could add a ‘Dr.’ to their names….(that doesn’t mean that I’m telling ‘Dr.’ people are either rich or they have power!!!). Imagine being in the same classroom with girls and not being allowed to talk with them for four years!!!(Of course, we all did talk secretly!! Else we’d be suspended!!!)….It wasn’t the college life that I expected and was wanting for.
Anyway coming back to scene 1….I am Gautham and I’ve heard that the former president Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam studied in this institution under the Department of Aerospace Engineering and that was maybe why I too was aspired to join this university….
A few months….March 2009, I wrote the TANCET ’09 and somehow got into the institute with a 43.6 TANCET score….the happiest day of my life was in fact the day when I got my ticket to the course.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

1. The Beginnings

Good morning friends, Good afternoon and Good evening to those reading from other parts of this beautiful world….and of course goodnight to those who’re going to bed…

Well this is my first post on this blog….I dedicate this blog to all MITians and other readers who enjoy reading this blog.

Firstly let me bring to your attention that this page is all part of happenings at MIT (not Massacheuts Institute of Technology for heavens sake!!!! Madras Institute of Technology Campus, Anna University, Chennai). Part of the writings are fiction and are goofed up for the joy of reading and any resemblance to real life event means that it’s just used to add spice to the writing (and to keep you glued to the blog and make you come again for updates). I write this blog with a combination of events that have taken place in the past and might take place soon and it’s not my story….Its YOUR story that’ll be written here….I write the way I see it....
I greatly respect the staff of MIT institute and Anna University and any reference to its staffs in the blog are not to be taken seriously and if at hurts the sentiments of anyone the post will be removed with immediate effect on sending an email to my official email address (with attached proof of your college identity card). 

Now a great unanswered question is haunting your mind right now….who am I??? Read on guys….